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Review in Reptiles Magazine

Reptiles magazine published a review of the SlitherSense System! Check it out for a thorough overview by their reviewer, Foster Reeves. Nick + 3R

SlitherSense UI Updated

The SlitherSense user interface has been updated to show more sensors when viewing on computer with large window width. Nick + 3R

SlitherSense iOS v1.1.0 Published

The SlitherSense iOS app has been updated to version 1.1.0. This version switches the temperature readings to Fahrenheit as well as fixes the dark mode issues. Nick + 3R

See you at Reptile Realms!

We're all set for Reptile Realms San Jose. Hope to see you there! Buy your tickets here: Nick + 3R

Feedback from OV 20230420

I received the following feedback from a customer in Florida, O.V. They shared the below feedback and pictures. I LOVE the FISHIN SHACK! Posted with permission. Thank you, O.V.! Hi! I was very excited to try this out. I was definitely pleased with

Further Feedback from JF 20230405

I reached back out to J.F. in Pennsylvania to follow-up on his installation and received this wonderful response. Posted with permission. Everything has been running like clockwork. I check the app and verify almost daily if the temperature and hum

Feedback from EK 20230318

Another early customer and beta tester, E.K. in PA, shared the below feedback and pictures. Thank you! Posted with permission. Much to my surprise my equipment came today. It took me a while, but everything is set up, hopefully correctly, and it

Vending Reptile Realms in June 20230313

SlitherSense has been approved to be a vendor at the 2023 Reptile Realms show in San Jose on June 24th and 25th. Our booth is yet to be assigned but I'm sure we'll be easy to find. As a Gold Sponsor you can use code SLITHER for an additional $2 off g

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